What is Trade Finance?

Trade finance is a line of credit for businesses to order stock from overseas or domestic suppliers and sell those goods to Australian customers. Trade finance is a cash flow solution for your business, which allows you repay the loan when you get paid.

Why Choose Trade Finance?

Trade Finance provides you purchasing power through improved cash flow.

If your business is growing rapidly and your cash out is moving quicker than your cash in, Trade Finance fills the gap until your cash in catches up.

If you get an unexpected large order from a client that you had not budgeted for in your cash flow, Trade Finance can fill the gap.

If you are having a problem with a client paying their invoice, Trade Finance is a solution to fill the gap.

If the ATO is biting into your cash flow, Trade Finance can fill the gap.

Enquire Online

Enquire Online

How does it work ?

  1. You need to purchase stock to fulfil customer requirements.
  2. You place an order with your supplier to commence production.
  3. You submit the supplier documents to GrowBiz.
  4. GrowBiz pays the supplier for the stock.
  5. The stock arrives to your warehouse.
  6. You deliver the stock to your customer.
  7. You pay GrowBiz on the due date as per the agreed terms.

What are the Benefits to Businesses?

Benefits to Businesses
  • Improved cash flow gives you the freedom to grow your business.
  • Improved cash flow gives you the opportunity to increase your purchasing power.
  • Improved cash flow gives you the opportunity to capitalise on discounts offered by suppliers to purchase stock in bulk.
  • Improved cash flow gives business the opportunity to purchase stock from overseas if it is cheaper than a domestic supplier or distributor.
  • There are no fixed long term contracts.
  • Property security is not required.

What are the results of having an Import or Trade Facility?

You have the flexibility to adjust your supply chain and stock holdings to suit your customer requirements. As a result your cash flow is improved which saves you stress and increased finance costs through emergency funding.

GrowBiz can assist your business with:

Fast approval process.


Flexible approach to your business needs.


Extensive experience with Small and Medium Enterprises.


Direct lending, we are not a broker.

Get a decisions in 24 hours then start growing your business with a smart cashflow facility.

What do you need to get started?

  •   Have an ABN or ACN
  •   Minimum monthly sales of $35,000
  •   Industry experience or 6 months trading